A Little Bit About Us…

The East Talent Academy is operated by England Hockey and is based at Culford School, near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.

Weekly sessions predominantly run on Monday Evenings between October to July. Throughout the season players also access some weekend day camps which include player education workshops to support their holistic athlete development.

In addition, the East Talent Academy competes in the Talent Academy South East Regional Competition with Cambridge Talent Academy, Old Loughtonians Talent Academy, Holcombe Talent Academy and Sevenoaks Talent Academy. As a Talent Academy we also join the other 22 Talent Academies at the end of cycle competition known as the Talent Academy Festival which takes place in late July.

What is a Talent Academy?

The main purpose of the Talent Academy is to provide an exceptional player development environment for the highest potential young players from School Years 10 to 13 (c. 25 per gender) across our catchment area where they access regular high quality coaching, training and competition. We aim to mix individualised and team coaching along side a broader programme of provision that supports each young person and athlete to thrive. Talent Academy is focused on creating an environment that puts the development of each player at the heart and considers all the complete player qualities Great Britain Hockey Talent System Framework (englandhockey.co.uk) to support their progression. We want players to enjoy and value being a part of the Talent Academy that hopefully supports many to take steps into performance environments in the future such as the Elite Domestic Game, University Hockey, the GB/England Elite Development Programme and the England Age Group Programme.

Where can I find out more information?

For more information on Talent Academies please visit Talent Development | Talent Academy (englandhockey.co.uk)

For more information on the player identification and selection process into a Talent Academy please visit Talent Academy Nomination Process and Guidance (englandhockey.co.uk)

For more information on the principles of the England Hockey Talent System please visit Play | About The Talent System (englandhockey.co.uk)

If you would like to contact the EH East Talent Academy please email the Talent Academy Manager Alistair Younger at [email protected]